The purpose of this page is to address the important issue of Copyright as it pertains to digital media. Part of developing literacy with ICT is becoming a good digital citizen. The affective domain of Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum highlights the big idea of Ethics and Responsibility as well as Social Implications of using ICT in the development of one's literacy. In addition, the big idea Gather and Make Sense references students identifying sources of information and providing bibliographic/reference data (G-1.2). In order for students to focus on these important ideas, we need to ensure that we, as teachers, have the necessary knowledge and model appropriate behaviour in all we do in the classroom.

Places to start:

- LwICT Professional Learning Experience on Copyright - copyright.doc
- Concordia University Library also has an excellent Copyright Guide that focuses on what educational institutions can and cannot do.

Please remember that this wiki page is not a substitute for legal advice pertaining to copyright. Rather, this wiki page is a starting point for teachers in Manitoba who would like to learn more about Canadian Copyright Law as it pertains to educators and students.


What is Creative Commons?


Copyright & Teaching - Education Society
Copying Guidelines for Elementary and Secondary Schools - Access Copyright- The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency Education Society - Digital Images and Copyright Education Society - Obtaining Permission

For more resources visit: the LwICT Copyright Resource Wiki